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5 great earn millions rupees home creative ways to make money online

2 great ways to earn millions of rupees online from home

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Today, many are getting online and in the last few years, internet access has become more intense, such as shopping and studying are also few that are from the Internet and less easily and quickly than the Internet. And today many people are getting very less money from the internet, they are also less home but they work very hard for this.

2 great ways to earn millions of rupees online from home
2 great ways to earn millions of rupees online from home

And today everyone wants that the house also earns money from the internet, but everyone has the same question, how much money has been made and today many have come, but they are not any less because they are too few and get some money. And if you do not get anything, then you will definitely want to hear the information you give in today.

Because today you will tell you how you can earn a big buck from the Internet because nobody wants to make a burden on your house today and you also want to make money by which it can get your expenses and today almost everyone has internet Then you will tell me two ways in which you can reduce the rupees by sitting at home and neither have to pay any rupees for either of them. Both are absolutely free and easy just a little bit See if needed.

From the website - make money taking surveys

To earn money from your blog, first you can create a blog, you can create blogs in two ways, one by which you can create a blog by investing a lot and you can create a blog for free but if you make a blog by making money, then a good blog will be created. You have to create a blog for free and if you do not have the time to prepare, you can see in our old post, which can be linked to the free blog, you can go and see it.

By generating a blog, 

you get the best posts that you come from well and post which posts you are participating should be different from each other, as the number of different and well-liked visitors will be added to your blog. You will visit more than that and when your blog goes well, then you have to first see a website showing your ads, there are two websites: Google Adsense and a Bidvertiser Mr. Google to create your account on the Adsense look is by how it's about less.

 Google Adsense

To make money from your blog, first of all, you have to coordinate that you have to approve your account on Google Adsense, which is very grim because the rules of the ads are very strict. You have to follow them. Otherwise, your ads will not be approved and if you have to follow those rules even after you have created an account, or you can have an account block at any time, after you have created your account, add it to Google Adsense's Ads website If you can not create Google Adsense, you can see our old post which contains all the information about Google Adsense, how to create an account on Google Adsense.


This is also a website like Adsense. If your Google Adsense account is not approved, then you can create your account on Bidvertiser. It also gives Adsense a little bit of money but because it is very time consuming to approve the account on Google Adsense It is better than the number of days that you do not have an account on Google Adsense, create your account on Bidvertiser and put it on your website.

Uploading Videos on YouTube - make money mining bitcoin

You have also made money by uploading videos on YouTube and you do not have to work so hard, what do you have to do to make some good videos related to some good information or some entertainment that people like and see more information in our old post on Youtube How to earn money by uploading videos.

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