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Dental abscess antibiotics - teeth whitening dentist cost

This is the head of your page. Dental abscess antibiotics - teeth whitening dentist cost – Alzheimer's disease can cause gum infection: research

An unhealthy mouth can play a role in the onset of Alzheimer's disease, researchers say that there is evidence of a common type of gum disease and bacterial links between people with dementia. A new study published in the journal 'Science Advances' found that infections of gums could be a possible risk factor for Alzheimer's disease.

Porphyrinous gingival bacteria, also known as PG. Gonorrhea infection causes chronic periodontitis, thereby causing chronic inflammation and potential tooth loss.

According to new research done by Dr. Stephen Domini and Casey Lynch of pharmaceutical firm Cortex, 51 of the 53 cerebral dead bodies of Alzheimer's disease found the same bacteria at the top. For the change of Alzheimer's disease, focus on developing therapeutic, pharmaceutical company funded the research.

The team of scientists tested the bacteria blocking the mice to inhibit the small molecules targeting PG, to disrupt it and found that it would reduce neurodegeneration in the brain by showing a potential new way of dealing with Alzheimer's disease. Can do.

According to Lynch, the publication of his team "sheds light on an unforeseen driver of Alzheimer's pathology - bacteria that are usually associated with chronic gum disease." Lynch further said that it also shows a "promising approach" to address the disease.

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What is Alzheimer's Disease?

Alzheimer's Disease disease is a 'forgetful disease'. The symptoms of this disease include lack of memory, not taking decisions, difficulty in speaking and then due to this, serious situation of social and family problems etc. Increasing blood pressure, diabetes, modern lifestyle and many injuries in the head increases the risk of the disease. Usually, there is no permanent treatment for this disease, which is around the age of 60 years. However, in the early stages of the disease regular check-up and treatment can be overcome.

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