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love quotes for her/him - Naraz Girlfriend ko Manane ki tips

Naraz Girlfriend ko Manane ki tips 

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Ask yourself this question, which is why she is upset with you.Relax a little out of fighting-quarreled moods.

You've got a fight with your girlfriends. The conversation between both of you is closed. Naubat has come here so far that he has decided to separate from this relationship. But, your heart is not ready to leave it. Then do not waste time. Need to take immediate steps. We are telling you that some such measures, which you can not only save your relationship, can also give them a new identity and status.

When the heart of the girlfriends win]

Know why

First of all ask yourself the reasons for the breakup. Ask yourself this question, can you avoid that mistake because of why he is so angry with you that the matter has come to a close relationship? What could you have been able to do is that the job does not reach here. Keep in mind that women are more emotional than men. Your bitter words can hurt deeply on their heart. Especially they are very conscientious about the relationship of love. They do not take the decision to break up with men. When they have not heard anything bad enough, they do not take such a tough decision. Breaking them with men is extremely difficult for them.


There is no small one than apologizing If you are responsible for the breakup and the mistake is yours then do not hesitate to apologize at all. Hesitant about apologizing for your mistake Do not forget that your hesitation can spoil your relationship. You talk to him comfortably. Try to convince them that you are feeling embarrassed on your mistake. And serious about apology. Apologize, but do not force your girlfriends to return to the relationship. This decision is his and let him do it. Let him take some time out for yourself too. Give it some time to think about it.

Romantic ways of expressing love


Relax a little out of fighting-quarreled moods. Do not keep old things in mind. It will only cause you tension and trouble. The effect of this stress will also affect your relationship. You can also say this to your girlfriends. If she does not want to meet you, explain this to him via letter, email or mobile message. After writing Tex, do not forget to create a smiley.

Joke can also come work

You seem to be angry and angry - this line has many effects on magic. In this romantic style, go and talk to her ears. But it should all look natural. If you are a funny person, then when the mood of the girlfriends is right then pull her leg and make the atmosphere a little cheerful.

ways to end the relationship

Enjoy Social Relationships

Of course, breaks can break anyone from inside. But, this does not mean that the pace of life should be taken away. Stop there life is not life. Life is another name for departure, which stays where life is Spend a good time with your friends and family. Surprise, make new friends and keep your mind busy for other interesting things.

Prove yourself

Show your girlfriends that you can move forward without them too. However, let him also realize that you still remember him. There must be a balance needed to show both types of emotions. Your upright attitude can make your girlfriend feel your deficiency. And it may be that once again your relationship starts.

Shake hands

Even if the relationship of love is broken, even then friendship can be kept. However, this is a bit difficult. But, give yourself a little time for this. It may take some time to build trust and new relationship but it is possible that after good friendship you can understand each other well and get re-married in the relationship. So take the steps slowly and steadily.

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