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PUBG game addiction is increasing in youth, cases of physical and mental illness, know what is the reason

PUBG game addiction is increasing in youth, cases of physical and mental illness, know what is the reason

In India, PUBG Game (PlayerUnknown's BattleGround) has become very fast. There is a lot of crazy about this game in the youth. But this game has a bad effect on the mental and physical development of children and youth. Over the last few days, more than 120 cases were reported in the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences, in which the effect of this game was seen on children's mental health. 

Learn what are the health hazards from this game
What is pubg games

What is pubg games

PUBG is a game in which 100 Players descend on an island with Airplane. Upon arrival, they have to go to different places and places where there is a need to collect the necessary items for arms, medicines, and combats. Players get a bike, a car, and a boat so that they can go everywhere and shoot the second uponant in the game and move on. A player who survives in 100 people becomes the winner of the game.

This game has been very fast in India in recent times. Recently, changes in the behavior of thousands of youth have been seen due to the addiction of this game. According to the doctors, it is very worrisome that in spite of the addition of any game, cases of unusual behavior are coming out in thousands of young people.

PUBG is doing such an effect on the brain

In the hundreds of cases filed at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences, it was noticed that problems related to sleeping in children, distance from real life, continuous absence from college and school, falling grounds, and anger on leaving the game are emerging. . Kids play with the International players in this game to wake up at 3-4 o'clock in the night, so that they have started many types of health problems.

Threat of game addictionSleeping patterns of the youth are changing due to waking up late at night.

Changing sleeping patterns is increasing the risk of problems like blood pressure and diabetes.

Due to not getting the right sleep, the brain is harming, thereby increasing the problems of memory, lack of concentration, obstruction of learning, obstacle in intellectual development.
Aggravation of youth in the game is increasing due to the use of 
weapons and the winnings of winning.

There is a strange kind of irritability and insensibility in the nature of children.

Many times the physical development of children is also affecting due to changes in eating habits and sleep habits.

What do the doctor say for pubg

What do the doctor say for pubg

What do the doctor say for pubg

According to Dr Manoj Sharma, Professor of Clinical Psychology, initially only 3-4 cases of brain-imbalance were reported in children. But these cases started to increase over time and now more than 40 cases are coming up every month. Describing a case, 

Dr. Manoj said that recently a 19-year-old boy had brought his parents to him. He was told that the boy started playing around 4 o'clock at night so that he could play the game with the international players. Because of this, his sleeping pattern changed. He woke up at around 12 o'clock in the afternoon and continued playing games continuously for about eight hours.

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