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Scientists claim, less than using smartphones and tablets, effect of mobile on child

Scientists claim, less than using smartphones and tablets, children's memory

effect of mobile on child

A whole generation of children is growing with smartphones, tablets and other Internet-enabled electronic devices. Many parents are concerned about this. But it is also giving scientists an opportunity to answer the question: What effect does the screen have on the developing mind of children? Researchers at the National Institute of Health have recently introduced a glimpse of the answer on the basis of initial data, studying the cognitive development of the juvenile brain (ABCD). This study was done on 21 sites throughout the United States, which included 11,000 children of 9 and 10 years, the result was presented.

Two important things have come up in these figures.

1: Children who spent more than seven hours of the day using smartphones, tablets and video games, found a significant difference when the MRI scan was done for those children.

2: Children who have given more than two hours of screen time in the day, they get less marks on thinking and language tests.

What is the opinion of scientists

The scan of the brain has shown that the cortex of children spending more time on the screen was already slim. Cortex This is the outermost layer of the brain that processes different types of information in the brain.

Scientist Dowling says that "this is usually a mature process." Here also raises the question, is there screen time flaw for the differences between these brains and learning?

According to Dr. Allen Selki, "We can only conclude that two things are happening at the same time. But it is difficult to tell whether it was due to one another" For example, spending too much time on the screen Can reduce academic performance But it may also be that children who have difficulty in some mental work may be more attracted to the screen for some reason.

The same is true about the differences seen in some children's brain scans, but do they have to see the changes due to spending time on screen?

Dowling told that some questions about the effect of screen time will be answered in the next few years, but long-term effects will not be known for many years. They also said that "We will not only see how much time they are spending, how they are affecting it, but also know what some of them are and what is the addiction, the answer to all of these will get.

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Other losses of time spent on screen

Other studies have found that excessive screen time can harm the health of children, such as increasing obesity and disrupting sleep.

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