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swine flu with colds and headaches

Beginning of swine flu with colds and headaches, learn other symptoms and methods of healing

colds and headaches, learn other symptoms and methods of healing

This virus is found mostly in pigs

Chest pain and inflammation are also symptoms of it.
This infection spreads from one person to another.
Swine flu is a type of infection that spread from one person to another. This virus is once again making people their prey. This flu is caused by influenza A virus. This virus is found mostly in pigs, hence it is also called swine flu. There is no problem eating well cooked meat also. It is very difficult to treat antibiotic drugs in the treatment of this disease. Therefore it is said that as far as possible, distance should be made from the person infected with swine flu. Recent research has said that swine flu disease starts from cold. That is, it is the first symptom of its occurrence.

Begins with colds

Swine flu is a disease associated with a respiratory system. Therefore its first symptom is cold. The person infected with swine flu is the first to cold and he heats with 100 degrees fever. Along with colds and fever, the person's appetite ends, it begins to vomit and starts burning and swelling in his chest. If the person in time did not treat it and considered it a minor cold, then the situation could worsen.

Other symptoms of swine flu

There are symptoms of swine flu, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, abdominal pain etc. Because the symptoms of Swine Flu and Flu are similar, it is difficult to differentiate between them several times, so if you have a high fever for more than two days and you have trouble breathing then immediately contact the doctor.

When it develops its symptoms

H1N1 virus steel, 24 to 48 hours in plastic, 8-12 hours in clothing and paper, 15 minutes in tissue paper and 30 minutes in the hands remain active. To eliminate them, you can use detergent, alcohol, bleach or soap. The symptoms of disease in any patient can develop within 1 to 7 days after infection. There is a risk of transmission of viruses to someone else 24 hours before and after 8 days of symptoms.
These people are more at risk

These people are more at risk

The victims of swine flu are more likely to be younger children, pregnant women, sugarcane patients, heart patients etc. than normal people. Because their immune system is weak compared to normal people. However, it is a fatal disease. If it is not treated promptly then the patient may die.

Is possible to prevent the mask

Yes, to avoid this flu and insert the mask before going to the patient. Wash your hands thoroughly. Do not touch any infected object. Make the distance from infected people. Swine flu is an infectious disease, so it is beneficial to apply a mask in it. You can stay safe with its help. Take care of your health and eat well, sleep in a manner and do not take the stress. If possible, do not go to crowded areas.

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