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The strange reason behind constipation

The strange reason behind constipation

Some people often have problems of morning constipation and they pass in the washroom until late in the morning. But do you know that there can be many causes of constipation, which many people do not know about? The problem of constipation can also be caused by weakness in the body, hypothyroidism or not drinking enough water, etc. This may be due to eating some medicines. So let's know about some strange causes hidden behind constipation.

Intake of painkiller

Intake of painkiller

Aspirin and ibruffin are such painkillers, which can cause constipation problem in the adversaries. Those people who are taking these medicines, they should drink plenty of water throughout the day to avoid the complaint of the census. At the same time, if you eat acetic acid on the chest causing irritation, it can also be constipated. Because this medicine contains components of calcium and aluminum.

Causes of allergies

Some people do not have products that are made from milk products such as milk, curd, and milk. It causes them constipation and many times they also become diarrhea. These people consult with a doctor or dietician regarding their diet.


The people whose thyroid glands do not work properly, their metabolism becomes weak. People with hypothyroidism are not able to digest the food eaten irregularly and become constipated.


We eat all vitamins for better health. But if these unbalanced amounts go in, then they start reacting in our bodies and problems like constipation are created. However, every vitamin does not react. But calcium and iron do not suit some people.

Not exercising

By doing regular exercise, the substance that removes the stool in the body, becomes mucus. But when we do not exercise and lead a passive life, then it stops becoming constipated, causing constipation.


Many people have a habit of controlling toilets for long because they do not like to go outside public toilets. By doing so many times, the problem of constipation arises.

Depression or lack of water

People with depression also have constipation, and very few people know this. Also, not drinking enough water also produces constipation. If your problem has increased a lot, you should drink a little warm water.

Cabbage is beneficial in these 10 problems like obesity, cholesterol, and pain.

Very cottage cheese

The smaller the cinnamon's plant, its properties are as big. Dry leaves of cinnamon and bark are used as spices. Its bark is slightly thick, smooth and light brown. Cinnamon reduces obesity and also removes many diseases. It's also a blood-stained. Mixing honey and cinnamon is beneficial for diseases of the heart, cholesterol, skin diseases, cold cold, stomach disorders.

Winter cold

Cinnamon should be used when cold and cold. By taking a teaspoon of honey a little with cinnamon powder and taking it in the morning and evening, it provides relief in cough and cold. Take a pinch of cinnamon powder and a pinch of black pepper in light warm water and drink it and remove the cold and sore throat. Combine its powder with water and apply it on the forehead by making a paste, it provides comfort in a headache caused by cold air.

For joints pain

Use cinnamon to reduce joint pain. By mixing cinnamon powder and little honey in light hot water, massage with a light-handed by putting the body on the painful part benefits. Drink one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a cup of warm hot water and also drink relief in joint pain.

Beneficial in skin diseases

Cinnamon is also very beneficial despite skin problems. If it is itching and itching in the skin, make cinnamon powder and honey with equal quantity of paste. Applying this paste removes this skin problem. The cinnamon acne is removed by putting a little nibble juice in the cinnamon powder on the face.

stomach problems

Using cinnamon gives relief if you have stomach problems like indigestion. Apart from this, using cinnamon provides relief in vomiting and diarrhea. Taking a spoonful of honey with a little cinnamon powder, it provides relief in stomachache and acidity, and the food is easily digested and there is no stomach problem.

For obesity

Fat people should also use cinnamon. Mix one teaspoon of pulse sugar powder in the tea, boil it in a glass of water, then take it off and drink two tablespoons of honey in it and drink it about half an hour before breakfast. Do this before sleeping at night. By doing this regularly the unnecessary fat of the body ends and even after eating more calories, the body fat does not increase and the weight decreases.

For heart patients

By making a paste of honey and cinnamon powder and eating it with the bread, the cholesterol will not accumulate in the arteries and the possibility of the heart attack can be reduced. Those who have already suffered a heart attack, if they do this treatment then they will be able to reduce the chances of heart attack in the future.

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