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what is insurance plan-types of life insurance

What is insurance-what is insurance policy number

benefits of insurance

Various types of insurance policies
Various types of insurance policies

How many types of insurance policies are there?

what is insurance plan-types of life insurance

We are all familiar with the term of insurance. Various types of insurance policies have come into the market today. Some of you will be familiar with this and you may not know about anything. Here we are telling you about some popular insurance policies available in the market.

Travel insurance 

In recent times, travel insurance or travel insurance policy is becoming increasingly popular. In many cases, they are motivated to buy travel insurance policies. Towel insurance is also available for small or big travel in the country. In this, traveling on the train gets a cover of Rs 10 lakh on a nominal amount of Rs. 1. Baggage and travel insurance is available when traveling on the same plane. It remains optional. In this, you can choose. By providing travel insurance you get a natural disaster, theft of goods or lost luggage, some medical needs are available during the journey.

For people who use two wheels or cars for insurance, it is compulsory to ensure the vehicle. Without vehicle insurance, the car cannot be run. Vehicle insurance also includes only the vehicle but also third party insurance. Apart from this, the damage done to any third person is also incurred in the accident.

Health Insurance 

Health Insurance is very important in today's era. It comes with a lot of work in an emergency. Medical treatment is becoming more expensive in today's times, in such a way, it is a wise work to have health insurance. However, you must keep in mind that the benefits of an insurance policy are available only in those hospitals which are linked to the policy. There are health insurance plans in the market that provide insurance protection to all members of your family. You get health protection for your entire family. 5% discount on the premium for next year by some banks is given.

Home insurance is like a dream home for a normal middle-class person. 

He makes the house by depositing the full capital of his life. In such a situation if the house is damaged in a disaster or accident, then the whole life's hard work becomes useless. So home insurance is very important. Especially in such areas where the probability of natural calamities like earthquake-floods is very high. Under the Home Insurance Policy, all natural and man-made disasters such as fire, earthquake, lightning, flood, riot, strike, malicious damage, theft, terrorism etc come. All items in your house such as furniture, clothes, utensils, jewelry etc. are priced at the market price for the inside of objects. Usually, your home is insured, not the objects inside it.

what is life insurance

How many types of insurance policies are there?
all familiar with the term of insurance

what is insurance benefits

These insurance policies are the most popular in India. There will be very few people who do not have a life insurance policy. Life insurance is a security on the economic loss due to the death of the policyholder or the accident of the person. The insurance company promises payment of a fixed amount at the end of a certain period or on the death of the policyholder. A person who wants the protection of life insurance has to pay the insurance provider monthly, quarter or annual level of premium.
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