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What to eat for making BIG biceps?

What to eat for making BIG biceps?

What to eat for making BIG biceps?
What to eat for making BIG biceps?

You do not have clothes or your gym bag. Your biceps are a sign of the gym. The same who peeps out of the T-shirt. Who does not like large biceps? Young people with less knowledge work more than the rest of the body part by biceps and trips. But most people did not know how much exercise this part should have and what to eat to make biceps? If your diet is not correct, then you will not be able to lift the biceps as much as you like. Rather, instead of growing, the biceps get stuck in one place or less.

Eat this way to increase the size of biceps

If you are going to the gym and want to gain size, then you have to focus on the protein, carb and fat all three.
You have to take at least 1 gram of protein on a kg of your body weight in the diet.
Remember I have said at least. That is, you have to take so much when you are taking proper carb and fat in that condition.
The only way would be to take 1.5 grams of protein on one kg of body weight.
Professional bodybuilders take proteins from 2 to 2.5 gms per kg of body weight, but you do not have to do that much.

Apart from this, you have to take 3 to 4 times the protein of the protein and take half the fat of the protein. This is the size increase formula. This will not only increase the size of your biceps but will also grow the rest of the body parts.

Always remember this that do not run much behind the biceps. Run behind shoulder, back and Thai These are large body parts that will grow if it does not grow biceps.
If you think that biceps and triceps will kill more and they grow, then you think very wrong. These are small parts, so do not do one more exercise in the week.
How Completely Protein and Carb
If you eat non-veg then you can make good diet due to eggs, chicken chests, fish, buttermilk, chickpea gram, rajma, moong dal, peanuts, milk, almonds, bananas, potatoes, paneer, tofu, soybean.

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If you are wax, then you have to be dependent on pulses, milk, and soybean. If you are completely vegetarian then it would be better if you use the protein.

- A common man visiting the gym should eat 5 to 6 eggs, 4 to 5 potatoes, 4 to 6 bananas, half a liter milk and 50 grams of peanuts in addition to drinking the rest.

Biceps are a small part, do not train too much
The biceps are a very small part of the body so do not run much behind it. The use of our biceps and trips is the same in whatever exercise we exercise in the gym. After this, if we do exercising twice a week, then it will definitely be over-trained and your biceps growth will stop.

Exercise is very much but few people go to what we eat to make big biceps. It is not possible to make biceps without proper diet.If your diet is not correct, then you will not be able to lift the biceps as much as you like.

Generally, a new gymnast goes to the gym to pump biceps as soon as they enter the gym, even if there is a body part on that day. this is wrong. If you want size, then give it a chance to grow. Some people do triceps one day a day and trip one day. This type of training is very special for a lot of people, especially those who are professional. This training is not for size. To make size gains, you work together with one of the biceps and triples just one day a week. If you do the work of the double body part then you can do biceps with the triceps and the back with the chest.

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