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wine drinking gifts - wine Drinking less amounts of heart disease risk -wine drinking benefits

wine Drinking less amounts of heart disease risk: research

wine drinking benefits

Those whose age is more than 65 years old and they have recently detected heart disease, they can drink a little bit without worrying about their heart. This information has been given in new research. This study shows that only one year increases compared to those who drink less than seven or fewer drinkers per week. The researchers insisted that this research does not mean that drinkers who do not drink should start drinking after they diagnose heart disease.

Senior author and professor of Washington University School of Medicine, USA. Brown said, "We have long known about the dangers of drinking alcohol, that increases the risk of heart failure, whereas, on the contrary, our statistics show that healthy people drink a bit, they do not drink There is a long-term rescue against heart failure. "

This research, published in the Jama Journal Open Journal, has stated that those who have discovered heart failure at an early age should never start drinking. On the contrary, if people take one or two drinks daily, there is no harm in keeping the drink after the heart failure.

How to care for your heart patient

There are many things in your lifestyle that affect your heart's health. At the same time due to some genetic problems, there is a bad effect on the health of the heart. Trans fat is found in large amounts in junk food and other fast food. They accumulate in our artery, which makes it hard for the heart to do its work properly. If you want your heart to remain healthy, take care of the following things:

Good food

By taking a healthy diet rich in nutrients, our body remains better, and tension is also less. It also keeps our heart healthy. Avoid foods that contain high amounts of trans fat.

Have to keep your weight under control

Obesity is the root of many diseases related to the heart. Find out how much weight is right for you according to your length. Keep an eye on this regularly.

Regular Exercise and Yoga

Make a selection of any physical activity and do it daily. Sports, aerobics, and dancing also keep our hearts healthy.
Leave dirty habit

Stay active

Be more and more physically active. If you work in the office all day, then go for a walk or cycling in the morning or evening to keep yourself physically active.

Leave dirty habit

Do not eat smoking and tobacco at all. It causes great harm to our body and heart. Try to quit these habits gradually, but leave it definitely.

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