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Learn the whole process, What should be done before and after mammography?

Women should do mammography every two years.

Learn the whole process, What should be done before and after mammography?

Mammography is done by a hospital X-ray department.Mammography Breast Cancer is the best option to check.

Mammography is a part of modern technology that examines women's breasts and approves them about breast cancer. In earlier times, the life of women was also difficult because there was no such facility at that time. But in today's time, mammography is indeed a good option to detect breast cancer. Mammography is done by a hospital X-ray department. Doctors say that women should mammography every two years. Today, we will tell you who is called Magography, which women are more in need of Magography and what is the process of making the Magography. So let's know-

How is mammography

If you have already done breast implant, give full information about it before mammography. Mammography may be adopted differently after breast transplantation. You will be asked to open the clothes above the waist and the hospital will be allowed to wear it. If you wear two pieces of clothing on the day of the test, you will be able to open the upper garment. Do not wear ornaments and other ornaments at the time of mammography, otherwise, the physician can speak to remove it.

The X-ray of your breast will be different and during this process, you will be asked to stop breathing for a few seconds. Your breasts will be kept between two plastic plates to compress and compress. Breast tissue causes the breast tissue to spread and provides a clear image of the thick areas of the breast. Depending on the size and sensitivity of your breasts, how they are, you will feel slight discomfort during this part of mammography. But pain does not happen. You can be ready again after all X-ray is complete.

These women are in need of mammography.

It is not necessary that mammography should be done only by those who are suffering from breast cancer or those who are susceptible to breast cancer. This is a part of a general physical examination or the abnormality of some type of breast is investigated by the mammogram. The physical examination may not appear to be extremely small, whereas it can be detected by the mammogram.

Before the mammography process

Breast cancer is diagnosed through mammography. Like X-rays, which is used to diagnose breast cancer.
It shows the breast tissue image. Through this, breast cancer can be easily identified. Avoid putting powder, lotions, perfumes, and creams on your breast on the day the mammogram occurs.
Because chemicals found in these products can affect the process of mammography. Some women may be uncomfortable during mammography. Because during the mammogram it can be said to stop breathing for some time.

Keep the schedule of mammography only after a period of menstruation, as breasts may change at the time of periods.

If your breast has tenderness, then you can ask your doctor and take an hour before Tymilnol or Advil from the mammogram.
Avoid eating anything containing caffeine until two days before a mammogram. This helps in reducing the softness of the breast.
Because during the X-ray you have to take off all the clothes above the waist, wear two-piece costumes, do not wear any ornaments.
If you have done another test then take the investigation report with you. Radiologists will take a mammogram after seeing your latest report.

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