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Sania Mirza Weight Loss Secret. How did Sania?

Sania Mirza Weight Loss Secret: How did Sania overcome 22 kg of weight after delivery?

Sania Mirza Weight Loss Secret
Sania Mirza Weight Loss Secret

On the day when India's superb tennis player Sania Mirch goes on discussions about some issue A few months ago, when he gave birth to a child, he was very much in discussion, as well as the people of Pakistan as well as the people of India were congratulating him. Now these days, he is getting praise for his weight loss.

Actually, like every woman during pregnancy, she also got a lot of weight. Increasing weight is a very natural process, but reducing weight after delivery is a big challenge. But Sania has worked hard to lose up to 22 kg. Let's know how Sania Mirza lowered her weight.

How did Sania Mirza reduce weight

During an interview, Sania Mirza said that the journey to lose weight after the birth of a child was very difficult. The common people also need to understand that fat cannot be reduced by cutting with a knife. Every celebrity works very hard to lose weight. Sania too has worked hard to lose weight.

What did Sania do to lose weight?

Sania Mirza still sweats hours in the gym. Sania needs more fitness as a player. That's why he works out at least 4 hours daily. In these 4 hours, he carries 100 minutes of cardio. In the 4 hours, weights and straights training for 2 hours in the morning and exercise in cardiac and polymetry in the evening. Apart from this, Sania also performs several core exercises.

Sania Mirza's Diet

Sania Mirza's Diet

Sania has told in the interview that people around them always used to say that life changes completely after the birth of a child. Sania says that after a child's birth there is a lot to change. Now she is a mother When she was pregnant, she could not do much and she used to eat whatever she wanted but now she is not.

According to Sania, after the delivery, she is following a strict diet. Thanks to a Healthy Diet, he lost weight up to 22 kg in 4 months. Sania says she is enjoying everything after delivery.
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