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Sneeze the cause of the slip disc, keep these things in mind

Sneeze the cause of the slip disc, keep these things in mind

In the present time, people have taken the machines and big tech instead of physical work. Even though they help us to work but it is also true that due to their coming diseases have also increased. When a person does all the work by himself, then he remains fit and healthy. Whereas, when all the work is done by machines then there are many TARAH diseases in the home. 

Apart from this, the habit of not exercising also weakens the muscles along with the back. 

By 8 to 9 hours sitting in the same position starts weakening the body. Stretch is necessary for joints and body, which comes only from exercise and physical work. If we talk about the causes of back pain, sometimes lifting or pulling a heavyweight also puts pressure on any part of the spine and it can cause problems like slip discs. Back briefly painful fall, lift sliding, heavyweight, age increases, in addition to an injury accident can be genetic factors.

These reasons are also responsible

Many times, if you wake up in the morning, there is a feeling of pain in the back. No injuries, no disease, but severe pain in the waist, neck or back does not allow 2-3 days to rise from bed. In fact, there are some reasons why our lifestyle changes, which inadvertently takes the form of back pain. In the modern lifestyle, 70-80 per cent of people sometimes suffers from back pain. Today we are telling you some ways to avoid a lot of back pain, let them follow.


Sneaking suddenly, in which you can not balance. This thrust sneezing shakes the entire body. This may be a problem like a slip disc. Doctors believe that whenever it sneezes, keep the back and waist straight, keep your hand on the waist, if possible, the pressure on the spine will be reduced.

Keep changing the position

Staying in the same state for several consecutive hours is also a major reason for back pain. Repeated work in the same position on the key board or mouse can cause back pain. People sitting in the same position on the sewing machine for several hours can also suffer pain. Expressers believe that desk jobs should walk or stretch 5-10 minutes every half an hour.


Pillow is also a very big reason

Gold by putting a pillow, folding pillows or sleeping in gold or wrong exchange can also cause back pain. Orthopaedic and physiotherapist say that lie directly on the back or sleep on one side. It is advisable for the sleepers to sleep with a cushion between legs. Beds are not very soft. The gold bed on the hard bed is okay.

There is also your shopping

Women often use large shopping bags. Hanging them on the shoulder for long periods can also cause back, neck or waist pain. Laptop bags can also cause pain. Use trolley bags for shopping Use the home delivery facility for more items.

Do not forget to exercise

Most women think that they do domestic work, so they do not need exercise or walk. Workouts, exercises and yoga have different significance despite doing their own work. By doing the same work daily, the body gets used to it and does not get any benefit from it. Therefore it is important to keep working or change in work.

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