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True friendship quotes- Short friendship quotes - Friendship day - Family quotes

True friendship quotes- Short friendship quotes 

Friendship day - Family quotes

Friendship is inseparable for all of us. We all have wonderful friends and therefore we try to help our children by optimizing their child to be friendly. But as we know, friendship is not so simple. Apart from love, companionship, we also meet those people with whom we face struggle, anger, hurt and sadness.

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At this delicate age, a child takes friendliness very seriously and when parents and teachers expect them to be friendly (and friend) to everyone, then to be functional in every situation, they are often confused Are. We feel a little too long that this is the age when these small children develop a personality that runs throughout life based on their experiences. Therefore, they should be taught about boundaries and expectations and this can be just a starting point ...

First of all, we need to tell our children that they do not have to make friends with everyone. Yes, they need mutual respect and should communicate with them and learn to do work that can not be their best friends, but they should also know that when the relationships that are not good should stay away from them. Here we are telling you some things that interfere with good and bad friends.

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