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Gas and gas pains - Gas stomach - Change habit, then the gas can be these 5 reasons

Gas stomach - Change habit, then the gas can be these 5 reasons 

Gas stomach is a common procedure in the stomach, but if you have more gas in your stomach, then you have to face both trouble and embarrassment. Generally when your digestion is bad, more gas is produced than usual. All of us eat food in the stomach as well as some amount of air. Apart from this, when the food is digested, then in the action of digestion also some quantity of gas is formed. This gas emits from the mouth or from the anus to the form of dakar. Some people get more gas than usual in the stomach. This can be the following reasons.

gas pain
gas pain

Air goes in the intestine - Gas and gas pains

While breathing at the time of eating, talking or breathing, some air goes into our stomach. The air which remains in the upper part of the abdomen comes out as a dakar and the air that goes into the intestines goes out in the form of gas. So if you make the gas too much, then note that you do not talk to anyone while eating food and breathe in the nose instead of your mouth.

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Tension and late sleep 

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Your lifestyle may also be the reason for becoming a gas. Staying in tension, late sleep and waking up late in the morning, eating food on time and excessive consumption of alcohol, etc. causes excess gas in the stomach. The reason for this is that if you do not sleep at the right time or eat late, your food does not digest well and Gas and gas pains starts forming.

Some foods make more gas 

Some food items such as beans, rajma, chickpea, lobi, moth, urad dal, fast food, milk and milk products make many people gas. Some people also get gas from certain foods, which contain high percentage of carbohydrate in fat or protein. By changing your diet you can also avoid the problem of stomach gas - Gas and gas pains.

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Incorrect Combination of Dairy Products 

There is a thing in pizza and burgers that takes time to digest. Dairy products also take time to digest. Obviously eating them together takes more time in digestion. When the digestive system becomes longer, the starch yeast starts to form, which makes the Gas and gas pains starts to flourish. So eat dairy products instead of bread with vegetables made of green leaves instead of bread.

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