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How often urine in the night is normal? expert view

How often urine in the night is normal? 

Some people complain that they do not drink more water at night or in the evening, despite this they have trouble getting urine repeatedly to go to bed. 
urine problem
urine problem

This problem happens to people not in a big way but in a large number of people. It also causes sleep to fall apart, as well as the person feels fatigue and weakness

Doctors say that urinating more than twice the night can be a cause of unhealthiness. If you talk about statistics, then it is said that it is normal for urinating 1 or 2 times per night. 

But if a person goes more often than he should consult a doctor. Surgeon doctor of Delhi, Dilip Pandey, says that frequent urination may be signs of diabetes, blood pressure, prostate cancer and other major diseases. 

According to a study presented in the European Society of Urology Congress in London, if there is a change in food, then you can get rid of this problem. Let's know what is due to frequent urination and measures to avoid it.

What are the reasons

By taking too much liquid diet at night, this problem often happens. But there may be a symptom of nocurea diabetes and heart failure. 

In diabetes, all extra sugars can not absorb the kidney and get into urine. In heart failure, you have a desire to go to the bathroom because it gets very much fluid in your kidneys in the night, due to which you have to go to the bathroom. Knoxuria also happens when you have recently been infected with urine.

What to do in nokturiya

If you are battling the problem of nocuchia, then reduce your diet to the liquid at night. Also, avoid eating caffeine, alcohol and spicy foods after eating at night. 

Exercise strengthening pelvic floor muscles and bladder. In addition, your doctor may also give some medicines for this problem. But these medicines also have some side effects, such as drying of the mouth, constipation, or even blurring.

Menace of prostate cancer

According to one figure, after 40 years of age most men are troubled by the problem of prostate. Prostate Gland is also considered to be the second heart of men. The virgin gland takes some very necessary action in the body. Such as controlling the flow of urine and making the semen for reproduction. As the age increases, the gland grows. Growth in this gland itself is harmful and it is called Biph (binnagy prostate hyperplasia).

These 5 diseases come in the urine again and again

Diabetes is the only condition to increase the sugar levels in the blood. In both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, the body needs to take extra glucose out of the urine. Due to this, patients with diabetes persistently urinate.

During pregnancy, urateousness begins to grow, due to which pressure on bladder increases. Therefore, during this time, the urine starts getting urine repeatedly.

The medicines that are given during high blood pressure make pressure on the kidney to take out extra liquid. For this reason, the use of such medicines also results in urination of the person repeatedly.

Drink more water than urine produces more quantity, so also due to this, it is natural to have frequent urination.

Many times the bladder of some people becomes more active, due to which the urine starts flushing quickly.

This is the remedy to avoid this.

remedy to avoid

remedy to avoid

There is considerable amounts of nutrients present in the seeds of raw cilantro. Such as iron, phosphorus, trittoafen, copper, magnesium, manganese, vitamins, proteins, essential fatty acids and phytosterols. 

These seeds are considered to be one of Zinc's finest sources. Eating 60 grams of zinc every day brings great benefits to prostate sufferers and improves their health. These seeds also contain beta-sticotrol which does not convert testosterone into dihydrotesterone.

 The probability of the growth of this gland equals.

Seedah seeds can be eaten by raw or frying or mixed with other seeds. It can be included in your every day meal. It can also be eaten by adding salad. You can also eat in poha or by putting it in soup. Seetafel seeds can be a great breakfast with nuts. By taking this seed every day for ten grams, the prostate can be controlled.

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