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How does Kareena Kapoor keep herself fit by eating rice? Learn Diet Plan

Diet plan

he way Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor has made herself fit and slim in a short time after the birth of Timur, she can be inspirational for many women. After pregnancy, all the pictures were viral while going to the gym for this beautiful actress, which is proof that Kareena has worked hard to get her fitness again.

In a recent interview to Celebrity Nutritionist and Exercise Expert Ruzuta Divekar, Kareena told that she likes to eat rice. Most people believe that by eating rice, weight and fat increase. In such a way, how Kareena fits herself, know her whole diet plan.

diet plan

Kareena Kapoor Khan's Diet in Summer

RuZutta posted the picture on social media with Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan. Apart from this, Rujuta has released the complete video of the conversation with Kareena on her website. Rijuta said that this summer, Kareena's diet mainly includes these things-

Mango, Jamun, gooseberry

Tea of ​​Kokomo Sherbet, Lemon Sorbet and Lemon GrassCurd-rice and papad, tide and seasonally cooked seasoned vegetables

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How does Kareena Kapoor eat rice and fit herself?

In the interview, Kareena says, "Most people are worried eating roti, pulse, rice and vegetables that their weight will increase, but it depends on how much you eat." Kareena says that she adopts the Porsche Control method, which keeps her fitness after eating favourite things.Kareena broke the confusion of those people, who feel that celebrities do not eat rice, roti etc. to stay thinner. Kareena says that pulse-rice is a great source of protein.

How did Kareena fit herself after pregnancy?

Kareena said that after her pregnancy, she worked hard, so she managed to get her fitness again. It was difficult for him to follow the same diet and go to the gym for a long time, but he did. Kareena has also told in this interview that proper sleeping is also essential for weight loss. If you sleep whole and deep, then it is easy for you to lose weight.

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Diet Plan Tips for Weight Loss Rujutta Diwekar

Ruzuta Divekar is a celebrity nutritionist. All Bollywood celebrities take Riyushta's advice for diet and exercise. In her post, Rujuta has given all the tips for those who want to lose weight.

weight loss foods

Rujuta explains that it is very difficult to follow such a diet which is boring. Your diet should not be such that you feel hungry again and you lose more than you need. Apart from this, he told his followers that the food should be eaten comfortably and slowly as this stomach feels full till late and you do not eat much quantity.

According to RuJuta, if you are following a particular type of diet, then you should learn to manage yourself with that diet. It is not right that you are eating less, you will not go to the gym or exercise. You create such a weight loss foods so that your attention should not be repeated to the fact that you are hungry or weak.

Rujuta says that discipline is very important for you while doing dieting. The biggest secret behind the celebrities' fitness is that they are always disciplined about diet. The right food, daily exercise, full sleep, etc. are all necessary to stay fit.


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