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These 5 wrong habits can be the reason for hair loss and Hair fall

How to stop hair fall immediately

hair fall
hair loss

Hair fall has become a common problem nowadays. Many people are troubled by the problem of hair loss, due to which they adopt a variety of measures. So that hair loss could stop But deal with this hair problem is not so easy. The main reason behind hair loss is the use of various types of hair products and regular medicines. But due to some of your habits, you may have problems with hair loss. Let's know which habits are there, which causes bad effects on your hair and they start to deteriorate.

Tie a hair

If you tighten your hair tightly, then your hair is more prone to laceration. Tightening hair is bad on the hair follicles, causing the Romans to get damaged. This can permanently damage the hair follicles and slow the process of hair growth and slow down. Tightening the hair can also cause headaches. Therefore, always lock the hair band on the hair, so that it does not get stretched and relaxed.


Bad food also has a very bad effect on your hair. All nutritious food is not only important for your health, but also for your health. Healthy and strong hair should consume nutritious food. Due to the change in food, there may be a problem of hair falling. Therefore, taking a balanced diet will also stop the fall of your hair and also develop your hair. With good food, you can find healthy, strong and long hair.

Want to look fashionable

Many times you want to look fashionable, your hair can be heavy. Nowadays every girl wants to show her hair stylish in some way. For which he has to do different types of hair colour, straighten hair or curly hair. But it can harm your hair. Using straighteners and hair spray causes hair loss. Therefore, as much as possible avoid colouring the hair and straightening or curl hair from the machine. If you already have hair fall, then stop using all these things immediately.

Hot shower

Many people take a shower with warmth or cold-warm water and spend a long time under the shower while bathing. But do you know that taking a bath with hot water can be risky for your hair? Dehydrated the roots of your hair after bathing with hot water, so that the hair becomes stiff and lifeless. This increases the problem of hair loss.

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Comb wet hair

Combing wet hair also increases the problem of hair loss. If you comb your hair after washing your hair, then the chances of breaking the hair are more. After washing hair, they are more involved. It also weakens your hair follicles. Combing hair does not only cause hair loss, but it also has the possibility of hair becoming two mouths.

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