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This mixture makes the hair Long and strong in just 1 week!

fair fall solution

Nowadays, the lifestyle of the people has worsened due to the famine and irregular catering, that its direct effect is on health. Along with the internal body, it is also directly affected by external health. Due to stress, the problem of hair loss has become quite common nowadays. 

The lifeless light hair is spoiling your personality. Today, to get rid of this problem, you are told to mix such a mixture, which will benefit you very soon. Let's know what this mixture is.

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This mixture of hair strong, thick and shiny will be made of linseed oil and coconut oil. The omega 3 fatty acids present in linseed also protects hair from being broken and it breaks. 

At the same time, anti-viral properties present in it also save them from cold and flu. Along with hair removal, the roots are strengthened with the addition of Russian.

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Many people are so proud that the linseed seeds are very hot. 

Therefore, it should not be consumed during the summer season. However, it is not like that. Flaxseed can be consumed in any season. It is not hot You can also mix linseed powder with fruit juice. 

For this, you can mix one teaspoon linseed powder in 150 ml of glass juice. But keep in mind that do not use powdered powder more than seven days old.

Grinding it together causes it to get damaged due to oilseed. Most people do not like to eat plain linseed, in such a way you can roast the linseed and consume it. Doing this does not only give flavorful tasty but crispy flavour. 

Aloe can also be consumed as a tea. To make linseed tea, prepare a teaspoon linseed powder in two cups (360 ml) of water on a low flame until the water remains a cup. Drink a little cold, honey, jaggery or sugar mixed with drinks.

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