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weight loss diet, yoga will reduce fat, weight loss tips for beginners

Weight loss tips - The outbreak of obesity, due to obesity, spoils your beauty.

yoga for belly fat 

Kapal Bhati pranayama

yoga for belly fat

Obese people have trouble in daily activities. Often, obese people are more likely to heat, fatigue quickly and laze are also abundant. These people have difficulty in climbing stairs, bending down and walking. Not only this, all scientific research has confirmed that obese people are more prone to many diseases, including those of deadly and dangerous diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, liver cirrhosis, arthritis, heart attack... By exercising every day and yoga, you can reduce your excess fat deposited in your body. There are some yogas who help you burn fat. Let us tell you 3 Yoga like this, who quickly weight loss tips.

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Circumvented side-effects Inverted lateral calculus decreases the fat deposited in the lower part of your body, especially in the abdomen, thighs and hips. Apart from this, this asana is beneficial in the back pain, backache, foot pain and joint pain. Do it like this -

First, lay a mat and stand straight on keeping the gauge between 3-4 feet between your feet on the mat.

Spread both hands as feathers in both directions. Now bowing your waist, bring your left hand to the right paws and keep palms on the ground. During this time, keep your right hand stranded in the upper direction.

yoga for belly fat - Wait 10 seconds in this position and then come in the earlier position. Now repeat the same verb on the other side, that is, bring the right hand to the left paws and put the palms on the floor. Then come in the earlier position.

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Foothills for weight loss tips - weight loss diet If you want to reduce the waist and stomach fat, then food station is very beneficial for you. By doing this posture, the flexibility of your body increases and the body comes in good shape. Do this asana-

First of all, stand in the direction of caution and keep your spine straight. Keep both of your hands upwards and straight on the sides and keep the palms facing towards the front. 

Now kneel knees, slowly bend down. Try to keep your palms full on the ground. After 10-15 seconds stay in this position, come back to the earlier position. In the beginning, there may be trouble in doing this posture, so bow down as much as you can. By gradually exercising you will be able to tilt more and your palms will touch the ground. Practice this posture every 10-15 times daily. Read also: - If the heart has to keep healthy throughout life, then do yoga every morning

Kapalbhati Pranayama To do Kapalbhati pranayama, first, sit in the meditation posture on the mat.

Now close your eyes and breathe deeply. When pulling the stomach inside the breath, pull the stomach in and out of the stomach.

Feeling breathless going into your lungs and having energy circulating in the body.

By 15-20 minutes daily doing Kapal Bharti pranayama, your belly fat will start disappearing rapidly and will come in body shape.

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