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Facilitate Facial Yoga, removing wrinkles and dark circles from the face

How to get rid of dark circles under eyes fast

dark circle

wrinkles dark circles - Not only diseases but also all problems of the face can be overcome by Yogasons. Yes, yoga can enhance the beauty of your face. Special Yoga to be done for the face is called Facial Yoga by face yoga before and after. The special thing of these Yogasanas is that you can remove wrinkles, dark circles, acne, etc. without any chemical-based beauty products. Facial Yoga makes your face skin healthy and glowing, which enhances your beauty and confidence in the face. Let's tell you how Facial Yoga.

Special Yoga for Wrinkles

Take a deep breath and fill so much air in the mouth like the air to fill the balloon. Stay in this currency for five seconds. Doing this ball-bearing balloon is not only good but also a good exercise of the lungs. This removes wrinkles of the cheeks and keeps the facial skin tightening. Repeat this yoga five to eight times.Read also: - 'full body workout plan', always stay fit 

Do so to reduce the fat of cheeks

To do this yoga, we beat our cheeks with sadness. To do this yoga, sit in Sukhnasan and pamper your cheeks with the fingers of both of your hands. Regularly make 5 minutes to make the face beautiful.

Yoga to get rid of fine lines

If you want to get rid of the lines between your nose and lips then this yoga can prove to be very useful for you. To do this, laughed and pressed between the lips and the nose. Press and hold the raised portion at least 20-30 times.Read also: -


Laughing is also the best yoga

Dissociating the face causes the face to bloom. Laughing loudly is called haunting. During the laugh, all the 600 muscles of the body work together. Laughing laughs more oxygen in the lungs, blood is pure. Lose so much to do this yoga that tears come out with eyes.

Yoga for the Face 

Kapol Shakti Vikas Yoga is a very good yoga to accentuate the face. For this, sit in the Sudhasan or Padmasana. Combine the front part of the eight fingers of both hands and close the holes of both nostrils with both thumbs. Then breathe in. Then close the nostrils with both thumbs and flush your cheeks as balloons and slowly exhale the breath out by stopping your breath. Do this exercise at least 20 times.

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