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10 easy, healthy snacks you can munch on while watching the match | Health Tips

The cricket world cup is full of everyone. 

cricket world cup

cricket world cup

10 easy, healthy snacks you can munch on while watching the match | Health Tips

With India's good performance in world cup matches, the hopes of the countrymen to become world champions again. The real fun of cricket comes in watching with friends. A lot of friends in the room, gossips, debates and snacks ... this is the real pleasure of real cricket.

But have you noticed that while watching TV many times you eat so many unhydrated snacks, that your health has a bad effect and your weight increases? We are telling you this time during the Cricket World Cup, some such healthy snacks, which will also be good for you, and you will be able to enjoy without a tension match.

The roasted (roasted) machine in desi ghee

There are lots of nutrients in the machine. Makhana is rich in carbohydrates, potassium, phosphorus, fibre, magnesium, iron and zinc. Apart from this Makhana is light, so this is a great snack. To make this, roast the manger in some ghee and sprinkle chat masala on it and eat and enjoy the match.

Hole-Whit Momos

Usually, mamos are made from flour. But at home, you can make it from flour. Fill your favourite vegetables and make delicious Hole-Wheat Momos and have fun with mayonnaise.

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Eat Vegetable Pasta

Vegetable pasta is also light fat. Make a portion of pasta by roasting a lot of colourful vegetables in a little olive oil and enjoy eating and eating cricket with friends.

Sour-sweet hell

Bhelpuri made from Murmur (lai) seems very tasty. These are very light snacks, which you can eat at any time. It's easy to make it. Cut onions, tomatoes, carrots and your favourite vegetables in a plate. Now add 1 bowl Murmur and half a bowl of salt. Squeeze a lemon juice and put a little chaat masala. Mix all of these wells and your low-fat healthy Bhel is ready.

Egg burgery

There are some light and protein-rich food, so you can eat an egg burger. Eggs contain a lot of nutrients and it is very beneficial for the body. To make Bhuji, add onion and chilli along with your favourite vegetables in a small amount of oil and put eggs in it. Add salt, pepper and spices according to taste and mix well. Just fig eggs are ready.


Roasted peanuts also contain healthy snacks. In some butter or ghee, you can roast groundnut and eat it. Peanut has iron, niacin, folate, calcium and zinc. Apart from this, it is a very good source of energy and protein. But do not eat too much peanut in one day. Keep taking some other snacks with it.

Fruit salad

There is no other choice than fruits if you have light-hearted snacks. Natural sugar is found in fruits, so eating it does not increase your blood sugar level. Apart from this, there is a fibre in the fruit, which keeps the stomach full and helps in weight loss. So cut off your favourite fruits and enjoy it by adding a chat masala.

Black gram

Black gram is a great source of iron. Apart from this, gram has a lot of nutrients. Soak black chunks in water and keep them for 4-5 hours. After this, boil them and sprinkle it with chat masala, chillies etc. You can eat. If you want, then put onion, garlic in a little oil and fry it. Just note that do not eat more than a bowl and do not drink water immediately after eating gram.

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Lemonade and buttermilk

People often drink cold drinks or beer while watching cricket. But let us tell you that due to the excessive amount of sugar mixed in cold drinks, it is very harmful. So if you want to drink something, then make lemonade at home or drink black salt and roasted cumin seeds in buttermilk. This will keep your weight in control.

Multigrain sandwich

Cut vegetables and fruits into the hole between the grain bread and grind them in a small quantity on the pan or grind them in the sandwich maker. Just your healthy sandwich is ready.

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