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stomach pain

stomach pain
The video of an idli seller of Mumbai is increasingly becoming viral on social media. In this video, the seller is making Idli with toilet water. The video is being told of Borwell station in Mumbai. After the video is viral, the Food Safety and Drug Administration (Food and Drug Administration), the FDA has said it has been investigated. Most street food found in crowded areas in cities is thus made in the dirt. This mess can make you very sick. Dirty food that is eaten in Street Foods and Restaurants can give you many serious stomach disorders.

painful stomach

We have talked to this about Dr Ram Ashish, the medical officer of Siddhartha Nagar in Uttar Pradesh. Know what they said about the consumption of street foods and their disadvantages.

The danger of Disease Many Diseases of the Stomach

Dr Ram Ashish explains, "Most of the small retailers who make street food and juice-lassi do not take care of cleanliness, and many times they use lousy ingredients in food for more profits. These street foods made in the dirt can make you sick, which can cause problems of stomach and digestive such as food poisoning, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, diarrhoea etc. Sector than in the long run because of chemicals and substandard materials that enhance the flavour used in these foods can also diseases, such as cancer, kidney failure, kidney stones, high blood pressure, diabetes, liver cirrhosis and heart attack. "

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The use of dirty water in most street foods
Dr. Ram Ashish on the question of idli seller's use of dirty water in the viral video, on the question of making chutney, Dr. Ram Ashish says, "To make most street food available in the market, dirty water is used, especially the railway station, bus station And on the rails found near the metro station. In fact, it is expensive for shopkeepers to buy well-cleaned and filtered water. So whatever water source they are readily available, they prepare foods using the same water.

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mili Shetty
 @DisasterMgmtBMC @WesternRly @MumbaiPolice viral video of how hawkers use toilet water for us outside Borivali west station.

11:16 AM - May 31, 2019
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Foods made in dirty water are dangerous
According to Dr Ashish, "Foods made from toilet water, river-drain water, stored water or water stored in dirty utensils for several days, can cause viruses of bacteria and diseases. There may be other types of impurities, which can cause diarrhoea, cholera and food poisoning. "

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stomach pain

What are the symptoms of stomach infection

Usually, you have a risk of stomach infection or food poisoning with Dirty Street Foods. There are many common symptoms when they start, people who ignore them.

Light or fast but persistent stomach ache

Over 2 consecutive vomiting
Ulcerative colitis
Deficiency of water due to diarrhoea

Apart from this, there may be signs of fever and colds, sometimes infections.
Keep these things out while eating out
Eat anything in street foods or restaurants, so be sure to keep these things first.

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Check whether the food made by the shopkeeper is covered properly or not.Whether a seller who sells street foods is using globs and tongs to lift food.

The shopkeeper is not selling stale or late items.

At the time of the account if you feel some strange in taste or have some strange looks in the food, then immediately do the tokens and inquire.

Avoid eating open-mouth juice, momos, round grapes, sugarcane juice, chou means, mango drinks etc.
Buy goods from such restaurants and street food vendors, which most people believe and whose shop looks clean.

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