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Skin bacterial infection by sweating in summer, these are easy home remedy

Skin bacterial infection by sweating in summer

sweating in summer

Due to sweating in the summer, the risk of various types of skin infections increases. Typically this season, there is an infection around the thigh, in the back and in the legs. Most of these types of infections cause bacteria to spread due to lack of cleanliness. Due to these bacteria, these diseases spread and many times spread to the whole body.

In fact, due to unhealthy eating habits and irregular lifestyle, our digestive and immune system affects the effect of this, due to this many types of infections and skin diseases can occur in the body. Behind these skin diseases, there are bacterial or fungal infections, which affect the body due to the lack of disease resistance of the body. Let us tell you about some home remedies to avoid skin diseases.


The seeds of linseed are omega-3 fatty acids that help strengthen our immune system. There are elements that reduce inflammation. It also helps in fixing skin disorders, such as eczema and psoriasis. Eating oil of one or two spoons of linseed seeds in the day is beneficial for the skin. It is better to be consumed with any other diet.

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Mammoth is a dark yellow and orange coloured flower. This is an effective home remedy for skin problems. It is a great home remedy for small cuts, burns, mosquito bites, rustic skin and acne etc. The oven has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. It also helps in reducing inflammation. Along with this, the mumps helps in filling the wounds early. It is beneficial for every type of skin. By brushing the leaves of water in the water, washing them face twice or thrice a day, eliminates the problem of acne.

Flute flower

Applying Chamomile flowers on the skin helps to heal irritation, and if it is consumed it provides inner peace. At the same time, it also has positive effects on the central nervous system. It is also very helpful in eczema. Consumption of Herbal Tea made from flowers thrice a day brings you great benefits. Along with this, it also helps in recovering from diseases like eczema and psoriasis. Dip a clean cloth into chamomile t and give it a lot of benefit on the infected portion of the skin. This process should be done four to six times in fifteen to fifteen minutes a day. Chamomile is also used in many under-eye brush creams. It removes dark circles

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Low stroke

The leaves and roots of this flower have been used to cure skin related diseases for centuries. It is very beneficial in cut, burn and many other injuries. It is absorbed very fast by the principle of the present. By which healthy cells are formed. There are also elements to help relieve the skin. If there is a wound on the skin, make a thick paste by making a powder of the root of the roots and adding it in warm water. Spread it on a clean cloth. Now putting this cloth on wounds gives a miraculous advantage. If you go to sleep in the night, then you get a lot of rest till the morning. It should never be eaten, otherwise, it can damage the liver. It should not be used even on deep wounds. It clears the upper layer of the skin, but the inner cells cannot be completely cured.

Other solutions

Collect turmeric, red sandalwood, neem bark, chirahata, baheda, amla, hareda and adosu leaves in equal proportion. Soak all these things for water to flow completely. When all these ingredients have fully blossomed, grind them and make a thin paste. 

Collect all the ingredients in a vessel by taking four times the quantity of water from sesame oil. After that, heat the mixture on a low flame until all the water turns into steam. Place this paste in the whole body wherever it is being itching or in the whole body. Applying it will make your skin cure skin.

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